Hello - I am Sue

I started an on line gift shop in 2005 and had I kept that going to this day would have had a really big following, however, there was a lot of on line fraud then which forced me out of business and didn’t then pick having an on line business until I became involved in affiliate marketing in 2020.¬† Now I have found the perfect affiliate marketing opportunity which will set me up for life.

About Me

My motto in life has become CHOICE, CHANCE CHANGE

You’ve got to make the choice to take a chance if you want your life to change

Journey through life

When the world was affected by Covid, I found myself out of work for the first time in quite a number of years and was convinced that the answer was to return to the on line space, so I undertook 4 training courses in different but connected on line business activity and although the training was comprehensive and spent $0,000s – but nothing really worked for me.

In today’s modern world we need to use both social media marketing skills and good old fashioned engaging with people through conversation either face to face or over the internet or mobile phone technology.

Tangent Affiliate Associations

Finance Pro Plus LLC; Posterity Legal Services; Hiscox Insurance, Tide Business

Employee Retentions Tax Credit (ERTC)

Are you a small business in the US who was affected by the pandemic ? You may be eligible for a grant from the US Government to help with the cost of running your business, available until April 2025

Credit Card Merchant Services Processing Fees

Do you run and on line shop or a traditional storefront business in the US and tired of paying your merchant services provider over the top fees ? Join the Take Charge Progam and significantly reduce your business operating cost by virtually eliminating your merchant service costs

Wills & Estate Plannng

Did you know that if you have made a last will and testament for your wishes, that this information is in the public domain whereas if you create a Trust for your estate, this will be a private matter and will remain in your full control ?

What My Clients & Co-Workers Say About Me

Here is a small selection for you to see.

Thank you so much for your excellent stewardship or our latest project which was very complex and was easily handled successfully by you.

Martin Watkins, CEO

Sue is a pleasure to work with, she is a very driven business woman who has solid ideas about her company and is an incredibly flexible and open minded individual.

Tesni Williams, Graphic Designer

Just want to say a massive thank you for all your hard work in getting the final quarterly reporting across the line in good time in an extremely busy period, very well done.

Samuel Sembera, Business Analyst

Stay In Touch

If you would like to find out more about this affiliate marketing opportunity that I can help guild you through to become as successful as I have, then please leave me your contact details and I will be in touch.